8 Months

I know I start every "month" post this way, but how is Sam already 8 months old already?! 
I was happy I got some 8 month pictures of Sam sticking his tongue out, that is his new thing... It is so cute, he does it when he is really happy or when he is "concentrating." 

At 8 months Sam weighs in at 22 lbs. He is a big, strong boy. 
So big in fact that he has been giving his Momma's back some problems.... ouch!
He loves to bounce and wiggle when I hold him or I am trying to change his diaper or get him dressed. But he hasn't started crawling yet, which I am okay with because he is much easier to watch! Henry is crawling now and when we visited Lora I left with some anxiety about the whole crawling thing! Sam does get up on his knees and move, so I am guessing crawling will be soon? He is pretty stable when he is holding onto the ottoman or couch for support so who knows, he might skip right to walking? 

 I feel like Sam's getting a little more hair? But I'm not sure... It could be that it is getting a touch darker, still very light in comparison to my hair or Evans, but a little darker than the blond he had when he was born. I think his eye lashes are starting to get darker too.
He is wearing 12-18 month clothes, which means his clothes are on "the other side" of Target now- Ekk! How did that happen?! And those 12 month jammies you all helped me find, are so tight that it looks like they are scoop neck because they are so tight they are really stretching to be long enough... haha!

We've tried eating Puffs and Sam still isn't a huge fan. He likes grabbing the Puff's on his tray but doesn't really want to put them in his mouth (even though he wants to put everything else in there), then if I put a Puff in his mouth for him, he squints his eyes and makes a face and sometimes gags and spits them out. If he does let them dissolve, there isn't any chewing going on. He is much more into blowing food out, than chewing and swallowing.
I've tried a few pieces of real food and he isn't into that either, so I am thinking it must be a texture thing? So for now he mostly eats purees and he still loves his bottles. 
He has started saying "ba ba"... Still no "ma ma" yet, but hopefully that is up next! 

Sam still loves jumping in his exersaucer, but knows that sometimes I put him in it when I want to sneak away to get dressed or do something in the kitchen; so he has recently started protesting being put in it or sitting on the floor with his toys. He likes it better when I sit down in front of him and actually "play" with him or read him a story, not because he can't entertain himself- because he can, but because then I am not running off.... He has his "play stations" figured out. Now if we are at Mimi and Boss's house or a friends-- he's totally fine playing on the floor without me there--- he can play with toys for a good amount of time, but at home he knows I put him down to play so I can leave.... Smart little cookie. 

Sam still gives me hugs and pulls my hair so we are super close, but he has also started opening his mouth and slobbering all over me for a kiss... baby kisses are the best :-) 
When Sam hears the dogs' nails on the floor, he stops what he is doing and searches for the dogs. He thinks they are SO funny.... Funny just to look at (especially Clarence-- must be his long face)-lol! But they are really funny if they start playing with each other, Sam loves it! 
Let's just hope that once Sam is mobile he doesn't try to roughhouse with them... ekk. 

Most of the time Sam doesn't cry if he falls over, he sometimes jumps when the dogs bark, but he doesn't cry, but if Evan sneezes-- this is a sound that can make him burst into tears... Haha! 

Poor Sam, will he ever stop coughing and have clear lungs? 
Currently he still does his steroids twice a day, he is doing abuteral four times a day, singular at night and right now he is on an antibiotic for the next ten days. I hate that my little guy takes SO MUCH medication?! Maybe I need to start looking into other things like his diet or if he is allergic to the dogs or is it something in our old house? I hoped he would have a clean bill of health a few weeks into the summer so that way his lungs would be good and strong for his return to daycare. Unfortunately, I am afraid that won't be the case. But, like I have mentioned before, Sam does not act sick at all-- he just has a cough...?
I don't know. 

Sam likes to sleep on his stomach now and if he moves around at night (which he does a lot), he takes his A&A dog lovey with him. He still likes having a blanket in the car seat or stroller for security. I tell you, those Aden and Anis blankets are expensive, but oh boy do we use them! I literally have used one every day since he has been born. 
Anyway, Happy 8 Months Sam! 
You are one special boy! 
I love you soooo, sooooo much! 



I really enjoy landscaping. 
I love shopping for flowers, working out in the yard, planting, transplanting, pulling weeds...
 It's my jam. 
This year I haven't done too much planting because I spend most of my time with Sammy. He is pretty content though, just hanging in the stroller while I pull a few weeds in the driveway on our walks. This summer, thankfully haven't even had to do too much watering because we have had a decent amount of rain... my rain barrel is overflowing most of the time!
Anyway, one day I quickly ran over to our local nursery and bought some red geraniums for the flower boxes in the front and a couple sweet potato vines and decided to go for a classic "America" look this year. And oh my gosh- this is my favorite year so far! I love the red with our house and my hydrangea bushes are so full and wonderful looking, I must say the landscaping looks really good, which is so funny to me because I have spent the least amount of time and money on it this year. Ha!
 (I guess it was good that I spent a lot of time out there before having Sam!) 
 Here's Sam and Evan on the 4th.

 As you know the winter was a bad one... So I lost a few of my plants...
I was sad that my beautiful butterfly bush didn't make it.... sad.
Remember it... 

My knock out rose bushes didn't make it either. And I have decided I am NOT a fan of the "easy"  rose bushes. Back when they were doing "well" I had to spray them because they seemed to get eaten by bugs, then they didn't seem to grow as fast as some of my other bushes and then this year they didn't make it through the winter. THEN, what is really annoying is that when they do die, you have to be really careful when digging them up because they have killer thorns! Not cool! 
So I have decided to "knock" those off my landscaping list ;) 

My BIL-- Brandon, did all the mulching for me this year, thanks B! 
Mulch just makes landscaping. 
Love it!

So let's take a little trip down memory lane for fun...

When we moved in 2011: 




And of course our little Sam makes everything in the world that much brighter :-)
Love you buddy.


No more bumping my head

And I mentioned how I just needed to switch out the dining room chandelier with a flush-mount light so that way we can roll the dining room table around to allow for more space and not have to worry about bumping our heads.
Well it is done! 
And I love it!

New Light:
Sometimes it is the small things that make a huge difference! 
See all that floor space we gained?!

I liked the chandelier, but the flush mount is more practical for our little Sammy. 



Recently my Dad texted me this photo, in which he titled "Sam?" 

No, this is not Sam in a bonnet, it is me! 
I laughed out loud and love that we have a picture where you can see the similarity in Sam and me!
So funny.


6 months by Abby

My good friend Abby took Sam's 6 months photos up at her Farmhouse recently, so I wanted to share!
Of course on the way up to Farmland Sam- who usually sleeps in the car- sometimes I put him in the car TO SLEEP, decided he wanted to look out the window the entire drive up there-- go figure. 
So we arrived sleepy. 
Then of course it had been a beautiful week, but it had to rain on the day of the pictures-- go figure. 
Anyway, despite these conditions Abby was able to still get some wonderful pictures of my sweet and smiley little Sammy boy. Thank you so much Abby!! 

So cute! 
Thanks Abby!


4 years

Evan and I take a photo in front of this tree each year for our anniversary. 
Here is year 4 with our pride and joy-- Sam!!

I guess in comparison to the first year, (shown below), it looks like the tree filled in a bit, and we have too -lol.

1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year