10 months

This is a long post. I use the blog as a way to document "Sam Stuff" so this is a lengthy Mommy post!

 Sam is 10 months old now!
Yes, typing that hurts my heart a little!
A hard fact about being a working Mom, is that the daycare workers see your child more than you do....  But the four ladies Sam spends his day with know him really well and are very good to him. One morning this was the description one of his teachers said about him... 
Sam loves to talk! He is very verbal, he loves to socialize and talk to people when we go for stroller rides.... He is extremely active, he has no fear, he wants to walk and climb on things and doesn't seem too phased by a fall or a bump... Then she went on to explain that in all the years she has worked there, she has never had a baby try to climb out of the gate, but Sam will put his foot on the bottom ledge of the gate to try to climb out. She then went on to say that even when he is sick he is still in a pretty good mood all the time. And summed up by saying, "we just love Sam!"
So yes, she knows Sam very well :-)
That is our Sammy in a nutshell!
It has been a hard month for me to leave Sam at daycare, he has started crying when he sees his teacher knowing that I will be leaving him. Watching his little face cry and his arms reach out to me is a hard way to start the morning! But he always stops crying as soon as I leave the room. 

He can say a few "words" now... Dat, D-his, Mum-mum, Da-Da, ball and "g" for dog. 
Sam LOVES to play with balls... I think he is going to be a sports nut.
When I set him down at school in front of some of their large balls he rushes over to them.

He likes to hold them in his hands and loves to chase after them.

We recently used a Toys R' Us gift card from one of Evan's Aunts to buy this car---
He loves it!
We had a "first" in it... The night we got it out for him to play in, he started crying when I took him out of it! For the first time playing with something trumped being held by Mom. It was funny.
And I love the car because, as I mentioned above, Sam loves to be on the go. He can crawl very fast, but his preference is to stand up on everything, this makes watching him difficult, because if you look away for a moment he has pulled himself up onto something that can be dangerous.... Like the stairs-- A few weeks ago (luckily I was right there with him), he pulled up on the stairs and just went up them like he has been doing it his entire life, no problem!
Sam can pull up on his toy walker and take several steps with it across the room, it is pretty cute to see.

(Not sure why, but he loves to try to chew on these knobs?) 

Sam has a sense of humor now for sure.
When I take his shoes off and pretend to smell his stinky feet, he thinks it is hilarious. 
When we are driving in the car and I turn around a make a silly face at him, again, hilarious. 
And of course pretty much anything Dad does is funny and he tries to imitate everything Evan does. 
Sam has a new expression, a "cheese" face, that he does when he wants to be funny.
I think Sam will be a little ham for sure. 

Health wise Sam is still taking his inhaled steroid everyday.
He had his first Ear Infection and then the antibiotic caused other issues so that wasn't fun. 
Sam's second front tooth is coming in, rounding out a total of 5 teeth!
He is about 30" tall and 24.2 lbs.
We had him fitted for shoes and he wears a 5 wide.
Tony, the shoe man, kept talking about how big Sam was for 10 months old and how he is going to be a BIG guy... Said he is very long and has big feet (guess those big feet he had at birth are sticking around). 

Sam is a delight each day. People stop us all the time and comment on what a happy baby he is.
We are so blessed.
Love him to pieces.

Here are a few photos from his baptism earlier this month.  

I did take 10 months photos of Sam but they were mostly motion blurs and I haven't had time to take them off my "good camera" so I will save those for later :-)



On Friday during my lunch, I took the time to post that we were going to get new counter-tops. 
When our Lowes rep. talked to the granite fabricator later in the afternoon, they stuck to their story about why they had to bring our 9.5ft granite in pieces (based on cutting with a machine vs. on site), so instead of getting new counters, we are getting a reimbursement check in the mail. 
We will take it. 

The really good news is that the project is back "on," so Friday I was able to have running water in the kitchen after not having it for 30 days! (And it has been even longer than 30 days since I have had running water without leaks!) I am getting very excited that next weekend I *might* be able to move back into the kitchen!!!! (Oh, and have a dishwasher!)

Pretty exciting! 


Kitchen Project, Week 5

For about the past 5 days nothing had happened on the kitchen because we were waiting on the granite counter-tops to arrive. 
I get that one thing comes before the other, but in my mind I kept thinking... 
But why don't you install the shelves in the cabinets, fix the paint, trim and moldings...? 
The teacher in me is like, "There's always something to do! Make the most of your time!!!" 
Guess they wait to do the details when everything is done. 
Typical man. 

So we've been waiting, waiting, waiting... 

The granite was scheduled to arrive Thursday morning and it was suggested that I be there fore the installation.... (Sure, I don't have a job or anything, no problem!)....
 Thursday morning I eagerly met the guys at the truck to take a look at the jewels of the kitchen-- The granite countertops.... Right away I saw an "egg" or a natural deposit that I wasn't crazy about. I discussed with that man for about 5-10 min's if I wanted them to continue with the installation or if I wanted the granite to be sent back..... I decided to go ahead with the installation because I hoped that it wouldn't be as noticeable when it was in, and I did not want to push things back. 
Have I mentioned I am ready to use a dishwasher and I am so tired of the dust and things being out of order and  dirty and going up and down those blasted basement stairs to wash bottles... 
So yeah, bring the counters in fellas! 

Once the counters were in, the deposit was less noticeable than it was propped up in the truck. However, when you ran your fingers over the deposit, it had a nick or notch out of it that wasn't good. I was also surprised to see that instead of having one big slab to the left of the sink, it was in two pieces. I was a little disappointed that my SMALL order of granite had a dark spot with a notch out of it, AND it had a seam. The seam was done well, but again, I was surprised that for such a small piece of granite a seam was needed at all....?
To sum it up I felt like I was cheated because I did have such a small order. 
So instead of cutting into the slab of granite I had tagged, that was as large as my entire kitchen BTW, they saved the "good" pieces for someone with a bigger order and gave me some remnants. 

I called the Lowes representative we have been working with and she quickly came over to look at the counters. She called the fabricator who then explained why our granite came in several pieces and said that they would smooth out the notch. 
I felt better about it, but the fabricators answer seemed a bit like BS.  

Here are the counters installed. 
They are beautiful and it is so nice to see the kitchen coming together! 

Here is the "egg" or dark spot. 
Not horrible, but not ideal. 

That night I emailed both the Lowes rep. and the fabricator and voiced my concerns. The Lowes rep. quickly told me she would address the issue but I had to decide, Do I want new countertops installed knowing I will then be pushing the project back two weeks, OR Do I want a reimbursement.....??

Tuff Call.... 
(I had to make this decision by the way, while teaching with kids in my room- awesome). 
It felt like the "right" thing to do was get new countertops.... But the thought of everything being pushed back (at least) two weeks and all the hassle that comes along with it didn't seem like fun to me. Remember I have A LOT going on right now and I am pretty exhausted. 
But, complaining about how they seemed to do a poor job just for them to throw a couple hundred dollars my way, seemed a bit silly after we are spending thousands of dollars on this kitchen.... 
Evan ended up making the call because I was too tired (too over it) to do it. 
He decided that we needed to get new counters. 
So right now that is where we are. 
Everything is on hold.

....to be continued.  



For multiple reasons September is kicking my butt! 
I keep doing a reenactment in my head of Jesse on Full House when he would say, 
"Have mercy".... Only instead of being funny and good looking like he was, I am saying it because I am so tired/stressed/busy/ugly. That is how I feel about life right now.... "Have Mercy!" 

I'm ready for a break that I know isn't coming....

But hopefully the kitchen remodel will be coming to a close soon (they said they should be done Sept. 30th, so we shall see if that is actually the case); I am ready to clean, clean, and then clean some more, in order to get the house back together. (Not sure when I will have TIME to do this, but I am so craving a cleaning day!) And I am SO ready to not have to go up and down, and up and down the basement steps a million times a day, to wash everything.... It is getting old let me tell you! 
 Have I mentioned I am ready for a dishwasher?! 

I am ready for less mess, my house to be back in order, for everyone to be in better health, and a less busy social calendar. Oh, and if I could get caught up at school that would be nice too :-) 


Kitchen Project, Week 4

I'm not sure if anyone came to our house Monday or not...??
Our contractor called me and said that their flooring installer had a family emergency so he wouldn't be able to install on Tuesday like planned, and therefore another installer would be coming on Wednesday. Okay no problem. Per our phone conversation, I assumed that no one would be working on Tuesday so I left the dogs out.... Oops, people did come and had to work around the dogs.

 Not sure what the contractors did, but I know they were there :-)

The floors were installed.
OMG! They look amazing!
As I mentioned before, we were not planning on getting new floors, but we found out the sub-floor under the tile was rotten, so a new floor was necessary. The wood floors are beautiful and they make the cabinets look like a million bucks!
I am thrilled with the floors!
(In this photo the floors have more of a reddish look to them, but in person they are more of a true brown-- I LOVE the floors!) 

 The baseboards were installed and some of the trim was painted.

I didn't really see anything that was done to the kitchen on Friday, but I know someone was here...? 


Henry's First Birthday!

Happy FIRST Birthday Henry!

Oh how fast time goes!
Henry you are one very special boy, hearing you laugh is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world! I love you SO much!
Happy first birthday buddy!

Great job Lora!
Sam and I had a blast!


Kitchen Project, Week 3

The cabinets were delivered. 
I told two different men (contractor and delivery man) to place them on the LEFT side of the garage because the right side gets water.... 
I explained how you can see that all of our belongings are on the left side so that is where the garage stays the most dry. Don't worry about filling the garage, we are not parking in there. 
I want the cabinets to stay dry!! 
So when I came home you can probably guess what I found.... 
Cabinets nicely lined up on the right side of our garage where water freely flows. 
But, thankfully the contractor laid down some 2X4's so (most) everything was on top of those to help protect them from moisture. 

The demo guys kicked butt inside and ripped up ALL the layers and layers of flooring. 
There were five layers or tile, plywood and various vinyl flooring... 
Some was pretty ugly too. 
This is the day the basement became covered in sawdust, which you can read about here...

Originally I was going to save money by painting myself. I am pretty particular about paint, and can do a pretty good job--- I have painted MANY walls in my time.... 
But, Evan decided he would rather pay to have the kitchen painted rather than have me spend the weekend doing it.... Okay :-) 
So the guys painted their first coat of paint.
I decided to go with a nice light greige color. 
The same color exact color that is in the sunporch and in Sam's nursery. 

I knew it was going to rain Wednesday so I texted the contractor about my worry with the cabinets in our garage, he decided to go ahead and unbox and bring in most of the cabinets. 
Whew! Huge relief!
Thank you!

It did rain a TON. I actually got a text message about flood warnings in our area, which you can read about here
And this is the day the basement flooded and sewage water got all over the kitchen items that were boxed in the basement and water mixed with the sawdust from Monday. 
Special day... really fun.... 

The cabinets started being installed!!! 
It was really cool to come home and see the cabinets and get a vision for what the kitchen was going to look like!
I am very pleased with the cabinets.
I was a little nervous because I picked them out by saying "I need the CHEAPEST white cabinets in a shaker style you have"....
So the cabinets are not real wood and therefore I was worried about what they would actually look like....
They look great!
No one will be able to tell that we don't have "real wood"... They were a great pick!

Then I about fell over because there is a special bonus with the cabinets......
Yes, you read that right-- a BONUS---
They are self closing!!!!! 
I closed one of the drawers and was like, Wait? What?! These are self closing cabinets?! '
Yeah, so I never asked about that because literally I wanted them to be as inexpensive as possible so I figured that adding a cool, (but unnecessary) feature like self closing drawers and cabinets would be an added cost... Nope, that is standard with this line of cabinets!

I did ask for the pantry cabinet (shown below) to have pull out drawers and I think those will be so nice to help with actually seeing what we have. Those are of really nice quality too!
And because we got this added feature, it bumped us into a price range where we got another set of pull out doors "free". So in the picture above, the bottom cabinet to the far left will have pull out drawers as well.

The range and dishwasher were delivered.
(Again, I am hoping for no rain because they are in our leaky garage). 
The knobs and pulls were installed and they worked on the crown moulding.
I chose a standard oil rubbed bronze pulls and knobs that Lowes carried,  I am really pleased with the contrast they provide with the white cabinets. It was an added charge to have the knobs and pulls installed, but I decided I would rather have them mess up and have to make it right, rather than have me mess up and ruin my new doors-- Wise choice I think!
Our ceiling isn't level (older sagging home), so they have yet to figure out how to fix the crown, so that will come next week.

It is really cool seeing the kitchen start to come together!
It is exciting!